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MIDI muting after record bug - update


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well, i have reloaded back into leopard to try and resolve my midi notes not sounding after recording / so i am back to 9.1 and 10.5.8 just like it says in davids signature.


just for fun, this is what happened yesterday:


1) key commands stopped working sort of - command X for undo only works if the undo history window is open or if the edit menu is clicked on and open above


2) saving while playing back locks up logic for a moment or two - then all is fine (you get the overload error disk to slow


3) midi notes being muted but not able to unmute still happening


4) piano roll / functions / transform / random velocity / try moving the lowest number by grabbing the number and mousing up or down / crashes logic entirely


5) audio being recorded out of sync / shows up late in arrange window / only way to recover is to create blank session and bring everything into that


6) my head exploded as well / brain matter everywhere / hard to clean up / restarting logic only makes more blood and guts spew out


i cannot believe i am the only one experiences some of these issues


thank you for listening and looking





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maybe not better ... but not alone


i have reloaded both my macpro and macbook pro today - i am thankful for disk images as loading is much faster ... they take time to make but when you are in a rush to get the reload done .. it saves hours


so for what it is worth ... it is a random bug



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John, thanks for your contribution, but for your bug reports, please use the Bug Report forum and keep it one thread/bug. Also update existing bugs in their existing threads. For your other problems, you've already posted threads on them, so let's keep track of those problems in their own threads, and feel free to "bump" the threads or update them with any new information.


Otherwise it makes for a very disorganized forum where it would take forever for someone with that same problem to look for all the information on one topic. Read Me before posting - Forum Guidelines (#4)



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