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Guitar rig in stereo? [SOLVED]


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Hi there!!!!


Well, i am still fighting with the thing to minimize the plugins!


Anyway, i use Amplitube and Guitar Rig in the studio... In amplitube i can send two monoguitars (left and right) from a channel and get them separated as left and right in the bus... That sounds really, really great!! And, i do not need to use the plugin on two channels....


I also use Guitar rig... I want to do the same thing here, get left and right gutar from the track to the bus where i do have the guitar rig. That works as long as i do not ad any amp simulation...

But, as in Amplitube i knwo there is a way to use it as a stereoplugin, a amp for left and a amp fot the right channel. This, if it works will save a lot af CPU-usage and i hopefylly do not need to freeze any tracks when i do start working on another track...


If there is anybody that know, pleas help!!!


Regards from a freeeeezing sweden!!!!

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I doubt that using Amplitube as a stereo plug-ins with different amps on the L and R signals will save you CPU compared to using two different mono instances of Amplitube, which is what you should really be doing.


But in case you want to do the test for yourself, just pan a guitar all the way left, the other all the way right, send them both to the same Aux, click-hold those sends and choose "Post Pan". Then make the Aux stereo, insert Amplitube and do your thing in there.


But IMO you're making your life more complicated than it needs to be. :lol:

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Hehehe.. Infact, i did get my life more easier to do this with amplitube at the same time that i saved CPU and memory ( it stopped crash that much anyway!)...


I did this in apmlitube...


Lets say the recorded channels is called left and right (hehehe)


I do have two totally clean guitartracks.


I did send them to bus 1 wher i do use in this order:








The Apmltiube is set up like this:

I did choose 2 amps like two slighlty different guitarstacks in real life (yeas i do play and record metal)

This two i did send to left and right.. It do sound REALLY great and i do just need to use one bus with the plugins instead of a copy on two channels if i did put them on the tracks...

This helps me if i want to change thhe EQ on both the gutars like if there is to much bottom or son on...



The thing si that i want to use the guitar rig in the same way. And as i do no withe the cannels with guitar rig i do have this:



Guitar rig


Then i do send the to channels (instead of stereo out i send them to the bus i want to a bus where i put the EQ, Limiter, exiter and allthe other stuff i want...

After this add some reverb with the help of a bus that just have this. This to have total controll of the amount of reverb without change the original sound....


Complicated? Yes, but when it is setup, it is really great and it is really easy to have a total control of the two or more guitars that is recorded, the same sound but, there is a lot of harmonies on different recordings, thats way! :wink:



By the way, when saying "send to aux..." is it when you choose for example BUS 1 instead of stereo out?


I am new to digital recording and i have worked in a studio without computers before.. Hehehe

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