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best way to sample a song


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I am wondering what is the easiest way to sample a song in Logic.


Right now, I am simply cutting the waveform and working on getting that precise and able to loop and sound good.


I am litterally, figuring out the BPM and moving the waveform by eye and ear to line up with the bars.


I am wondering if there is a way to do this in logic a little more easier and automatic. I know some dj software can do it very easily.


Even if I can get the song to lineup to the bars automatically that'd help.


Should I be using another software like reason recyle?


I'd rather just use logic as I am getting used to it and dont really want to buy more software.


Thanks again!

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Okay i have recently discovered how to do this so i will share my knowledge.


If i want to loop a section of a track i am sampling i drag the track into something that can work out the BPM (you can also use software like iTap tempo). If the track has an electronic (or very well played) beat you will be able to loop sections of the track seamlessly.

However this is not always the case if you want to do this to a track that does NOT have an electronic beat you can use a cool little function in logic called 'Flex View'.

Once you have the track in 'Flex View' select your snap option (i prefer smart, matter of preference) and select 'Slicing' on the drop down menu that will appear on your channel.

Logic will process your track and put markers at the beginning of all the transients. You can set your own marker on each of these transients, which you can then move in line with the grid in logic. Every time you move a transient a small part of the track gets time stretched and you can slowly work your way through using your ears and your eyes to 'warp' the song to a solid click track.


I find it is best to load a simple kick snare loop to play with it as this makes it easier to correct.


Sorry i cba to proof read that, but i hope it helps!

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Those tips worked great thanks.


For your interest:


This is also cool with sampling.


Add transient markers to your audio. you can delete them by double clicking if there are too many.


control click the audio. select covert transient markers to regions


then from audio drop down click convert to new sample track


a midi track is then made and each transient / region is a note on the keyboard and you can play the samples yourself.


it's also an easy way to make the sampled song original

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