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Is this possible? (Touch OSC & Logic)

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Here is a scenario. I'm mixing a 16 track song and would like to use my ipod as a poor mans console. Obviously the ipod's screen is small and cannot fit 16 faders on a single page. This is fine, as I dont need to automate at all 16 faders at once, only 2-4. However, I would like to see on a list all available tracks (by name) and select specific tracks that would then show up faders. For example, say I wanted to adjust the levels between my Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Bass and Drum bus, with my Vocal on track 1, Guitar Bus on track 4, Bass on Track 8, and my Drum bus track being on Track 16. Would it be possible to somehow select these 4 tracks quickly and have them each show up as volume faders on my ipod?


Is this possible?

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