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19" Rack flight cases with internal foam padding

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Im looking to get something to put all my rack gear in. I was originally looking at a nice wooden floor standing thing to go in my studio. However I am now considering getting something more portable as I have just got a new MBP and would love to be able to so location recording.


I have seen in various magazine articles, when they do interviews with studio engineers and they have pictures of the studios, they often have little 6U(ish) flight cases that have a maybe 1.5" of high density foam lining the case.


anyone know what Im talking about and knows who makes said cases?


if not any case recommendations would be very welcome.


Stuff to go in rack:


RME FF800 (1U)

Audient ASP800 (1U)

UA LA-610 MKII (2U)

Patchbay (1U and maybe not needed)


I would also like to get a furmann power unit which will be another 1U

and I'm sure it would be a good idea to have some free spaces of ventilation of the units that run hot

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You can get these racks from like 1000 suppliers. Do a search online.


Planning a rack is going to be a compromise between accessibility, the weight of individual units, unit depth, and ventilation. There's also the matter of cabling at the back of the units... Imagine you have a shallow-depth, 1-U piece sandwiched between two deeper rack units. When it comes to re-patching, re-seating, or replacing a cable (and trust me, all those things will happen at some point) it's going to be a tight squeeze trying to get your hands inside that 1-U space at the back.


Ideally the foam on the bottom should be closed-cell (hard) and the top and sides open cell (soft). But when it comes to shock-absorption, the most important aspect of a rack are the casters. Get the blue ones. I don't know the official name for them, but they're blue.


You could probably get away with 1/4" for both the outer and inner shells if you don't think the case is going to get too beat up. Thicker wood like 3/8" really starts to add up weight-wise.

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