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Adding AUX channels but won't let me assign outputs


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I am trying to set up a multi-timbral instrument. So I add an instrument, it's multi-timbral. Then, as an input, I use SampleTank and I click Multi-output 16X stereo. The whole thing spikes out into the red and I can't fix it. What did I do wrong? I look at videos of people doing this on youtube and it comes out fine for them.


Also, when I add AUX tracks in order to send the different tracks through the AUX channels, I don't get the option to send them out to 3-4, 5-6, etc. It just has a check mark on Stereo Output.


I am in the Music for Picture template, because I am scoring a film. Is this part of the problem?


So, basically my question is why is it spiking out, how do I fix it, and how do I reassign the AUX channels to 1-2, 3-4, etc.?


Thanks to anyone who can help.

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You keep starting new threads for the same question. Sure would keep the forum less cluttered if you just continued on in your original thread instead of multi-posting. If you don't receive an adequate answer in a thread you start and it falls off the first page you can bump it to the top again by simply replying to your own thread with the word "bump". This thread makes it 4 now.








Read Me Before Posting - Forum Guidelines #3 and #5

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Sorry Scott. So I just put bump in the subject?


You can just put it in the body of your post.


Also, I started a new thread because I have 29 responses to my last one and still don't have an answer. Or it gets sidetracked to a totally different question.


One of the values of keeping your question in one thread instead of multiple threads is that then others who attempt to help you can see what previous members have offered. This way you will avoid getting the same reply over and over again and anyone chiming in will have something more to go from than just your original question.


Also, once solved, your thread will be more useful to others searching the forum.

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