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Pop noise on running empty bars? [SOLVED]


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Hey folks its me again.


It turns out it wasn't a specific plugin it seems to be most of them, but not logics own, only third party.


here it is again,.

Virgin project / 1 audio track / audio starting bar 2, so bar of fresh air . the "clip" (it sound like a tiny segment of the oncoming audio) sounds about beat 3 of the fresh air, visually and audibly, but only on a repeat and only if i hit into the bar with actual audio on it and then repeat, (but doesn't happen in Cycle) and this is really weird but if i insert the plugin without making any adjustments to plugin it doesn't happen, only if i adjust plugin settings and do the repeat.

Have tried at different buffer settings, it does sound like it is being held somewhere and being momentarily released before actual audio comes

Also tried it on a clean install of OS X an Logic on a separate drive that i have.

Any help would be appreciated.javascript:emoticon(':?')




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it could also be this

Looks like it !!

Thats like a 5 year old post...and not been sorted yet(':shock:')


Plugins that i own that don't cause it .. URS / blue cat / sonalksis.

The ones that do, SSL duende, every one. / Alloy 4/ and especially bad, Ozone 4 (you can hear a section of the track.

It's probably obvious but can any one tell me why it only happens when they are inserted on the track, but not across the outputs ? and also why it occurs only if i make adjustment to the plugin.s .


5 years? oh dear.

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