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Sidechain in Compressor does not respond unless i open it...


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sometimes when i set up a sidechain on an instrument im using in logic 8, the sidechain just doesnt work. i click on the compressor for that software instrument track and see everything is connected to the right bus, but while its playing, the sidechain isnt responding?! the gain reduction meter doesnt move....unless i stop the whole song completely and manually open the compressor for the instrument track, then the sidechain works and i can see the gain reduction meter work. do you know how you could solve this? cause when i bounce the track, the sidechains arent there....its soooo annoying when i have to keep clicking in the software instrument compressor. and it doesnt even work for all the sidechains i set up, just for the compressor of the last software instrument i clicked on.


let me know if you have an idea...

my tracks dont sound right!

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manually open the compressor for the instrument track,


What exactly is it you are doing here? Describe click by click please.


sorry bout that, im sort of a newb.




this is an electronic house song. so, i have a kick pattern run by exs24, and a sidechain track which is run by exs24 which has the same kick pattern(lets call this track 2). track 2 runs through bus 4 with no output. theres a compressor on track 2 with the sidechain running through bus 4.




i have a bunch of instruments running through the sidechain. they are: track 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16. all of them are synthesizers so youd see why id want the sidechain. theres a compressor on each of those tracks. all of them are sidechained to bus 4.


so i play the song as a whole, and i cannot hear the sidechains working, so i open the compressor for track 10 and see that the gain reduction meter isnt working....so i stop the song. and i observe the compressor for track 10 and see that everything is connected just fine. so while the compressor for track 10 is open, i play the song again. and now the side chain can is responding.


BUT, the tracks 11-16; their side chains arent responding. so i open their respective compressors and notice that the gain reduction meters arent working(this is while the song is playing). so i stop the song and open the compressor for track 11, and then i hit play again. NOW the sidechain is working and the gain reduction meter is active for track 11, but not for tracks 10, 12-16.


so...when i bounce it, none of the sidechains have responded, unless one of the compressors is opened while it is being bounced.


do you need more info?


basically, i just want all my sidechains to work, cause usually it does..but for some reason my logic hates me and this happens occasionally. it is very annoying.

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