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Editing multiple Ultrabeat Regions [SOLVED]


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Hi guys & gals.


Bit rude to ask a question off the bat so I'll give a little intro!


My name's Andy and I make music under the name Lojik. The main influences in my music are garage, dubstep and house, but I also really like ambient, chillout stuff.


I've been making tunes for about 5 years and until recently I've been using FL Studio. It's a great program that I know inside out but I reached a point where I felt I'd outgrown it, hence my recent move to Logic. I used Logic in college and always preferred it over Cubase & ProTools but its definitely been hard moving to something I don't know like the back of my hand!





Anyway I'm learning new stuff every day and am getting to a point where I feel I can start to make decent music again, I just had a little question which I couldn't find an answer to:


When creating a pattern in Ultrabeat and dropping it into the arrange window, it seems to be "locked" as it is i.e. if you go back and change the pattern in Ultrabeat, it doesn't change the region in the arrange window. I thought this would be a bit of a pain if you made a minor change to a pattern that you had already sequenced, becuase you'd have to go through and manually replace every region that uses that pattern.


I was just wondering if there was a workaround to automatically replace all regions that hold the same MIDI information?


Thanks for any help :)

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