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how to signal an audio region


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I need to inform my bidule plugin that an audio region has been sequenced in Logic Pro 8.


I'm thinking that I may have to create a track for midi data coupled with every audio track which I use to put midi events in at the same point the audio region begins and then funnel the midi data to bidule.


Does anyone know a better way?



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What I'm aiming to do is to send audio and software instrument event information (ie. when the playhead line passes a region on the arrange page and that note/sample is triggered to play) out of logic through bidule (dropped in as a AU plugin in LP8) to max/msp.


I've been advised through the bidule forum to use a midi note extractor and link to an osc creator.


What I'm looking to do now is configure LP8 so that the midi note data is extracted to the bidule plugin. Have you done this before?

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bidule (dropped in as a AU plugin in LP8)


David, I had mentioned bidule as an au plugin.


Why not go straight to MAX/MSP, which can do everything Bidule does and so, SO much more? (I love Bidule, by the way) Why do you need to go through Bidule first?


I want to send OSC messages to MAX from Logic. Logic doesn't deal in OSC (not LP8) but bidule does both MIDI and OSC, and it is usable as a plugin to logic. So I drop bidule in in order to act as the interface between Logic Pro's MIDI world and the OSC world outside of Logic where I'm intending to make loads of other stuff occur. As you say, MAX is v powerful.


But the only thing I'm missing now I think is a step by step of what to do in Logic so that MIDI information relating to note-ons (for instance) is sent to the note extractor object in the bidule plugin I'm running inside Logic.


So far, I've put in a software instrument track. I clicked on the I/O button in the mixer channel, and selected Bidule MFX (mono). The bidule plugin window opens. I drag in a note extractor and an osc creator. I draw in the 4 cables from the underside of the note extractor to the 4 top ports in the osc creator.


When I double click on either of these objects, because I've setup the OSC client/server config correctly, I get messages in my MAX patch.


But the one (MIDI) in port in the top of my note extractor is unused. I think I've got to created another bidule to plugin to it, one which renders something available in Logic for me to select in some way outside of the plugin, somewhere in Logic, so when I record note on's, off's when I record myself playing, the midi data goes through this object, get's extracted by the note extractor and sent out through bidule to max. That's the bit I can't seem to do and need help with.


I hope this is all the information. Any thoughts?

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for reference, attached are two screens of my setup. A helpful doc pointed to me by David (http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=36345) suggested setting up Auxes but for this I'm not sure what the differences are, as I've tried both software instrument tracks and midi tracks as per the doc and I cant get midi data from the arrange page to the bidule plugin.


thanks again.



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Good morning,


There's a couple of ways to approach getting MIDI into the Bidule AU plug-in, the following is the easiest way:


-Load the Bidule plug-in in a software instrument channel strip (it doesn't have to be the MFX version, by the way).


-Create an external MIDI track in the arrange (Track menu > New.. leave the Open Library option checked for convenience)


-When the Library pane opens, select one of the BIdule AU ports.


-Open the Bidule plug-in, control click to get the menu, and from MIDI Devices/Input, select the same port you chose in the library pane (that was an output, this is an input)


Now you can have MIDI events in region residing in the external instrument track in the arrange, who will go into the Bidule plug-in. From there you can do your Note Extraction and OSC thing.


When you create an external instrument track, a multi-instrument object (with 16 MIDI channels) is automatically created in the environment's MIDI Instr. layer.


If you wanted to route MIDI from a regular software instrument channel strip (so that when you play that instrument the notes also end up in the Bidule plug-in), you'd go to the Mixer layer in the environment, find the channel strip, option click the little triangle output and select the multi-instrument that outputs to the Bidule plug-in as the destination object from the list.






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