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creating a drum loop


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Hi folks,


could someone steer this amateur in the right direction please.Ive done a search and a you tube search, but not finding the basic info that i need....


All i want to do is create a stomp box (flat four) and possibly a tambourine to accompany my blues guitar track.


If they had a pre-recorded loop in logic 9, i would have just used it, but i figure if i cant find it, i better learn how to create it.


So tell me, once ive created a software instrument track, out of all the plug ins and software instruments that i can select, how can i easily find a kick and a tambourine. do i have to go thru each one and press every key on my oxygen midi keyboard to see if there is a tambourine in it? and how come if i change plugins it gives me a whole new heap of sounds in the library. i dont understand the relationship between plugin and library????



And when i do find the flat four kick and tambourine sounds im after, what do i do next?



Any help would be appreciatted,


Thank you

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thanks for that, those tuts were great, however, i still cant find a tambourine sound. can you download more drum / percussion sounds anywhere (for free)?


... thats another question.... apart from all the loops and sample sounds that come with logic 9 (out of the box), is there somewhere you can go for more sounds? (free or paid)?


Thanks again

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There are plenty of tambourines in Ultrabeat - check out the following kits:


Breaks Remix Kit

Classic Techno Kit

Deep House Kit

Downtempo Kit 01

Drum & Bass Kit 02

Ghost Town Kit


...There's more in other kits too...


If you want to use a kick from one library and a tambourine from another just create 2 tracks, load an Ultrabeat on each track and have one sequencing the kick and the other the tambourine.


ULtrabeat can be quite daunting for a beginner (it was for me) - After watching a few tuts you'll get the hang of it.....


Also recommend getting a copy of Davids book:




This is THE book for beginners - full of good instruction/examples on how to use Ultrabeat.



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