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Logic noob ( mic)

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Hello I have been very lucky in getting a free Imac with logic Pro 9 on it! I've never used logic before but I'm sure I'll be able to get the hang of it. The question though i wanted to ask was about buying a mic. I could spend up to £200. I have no idea what i would need, would a mic plug straight into logic? Or do i need some box to plug the mic into? I have no idea what good mics are as well so could you recommend any? What i really want to record with it is vocals and acoustic guitar. Heres some samples of the music i make -




The songs are all recorded and mixed on a 8track but just to give you an idea of the kind of music and mic i would need? also i know that i'm recording on 18bit using that 8 track. do you need to get a 24bit mic to get that more proffesional sound or has that got nothing to do with it?


Thanks for any answers they would be very helpful!

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Hi Joey -


For a mic that wont break the bank, MXL's are a good recomendation. The MXL 2003A has a lot of fervent supporters. You can get that along with a small diaphragm condensor (pencil mic) in a kit package like this for under $200 US:





presonus audiobox is also a very good recommendation:



But as you can see, the two together exceed your budget. You could also go with an Audio Technica AT2020, which runs about $99 US. Its a functional mic but isnt thought of as highly as the MXL 2003A by most.


Another option is a USB mic (theres is an AT202 version that costs around $130 US, or a Blue Yeti or something like that.


But a question comes to mind - what did you record your tracks with before? I assume you already have at least one mic? If so, focus on the audio interface first, and save for beteer mics in the long run?


By the way, i like your tracks and your voice. nice work.

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Hey thanks for the quick reply. I've been looking around and found these -




Would these be any good? The music i recorded on that website was using an 8 track but the 8 track had an inbuilt mic so i don't actually have any mics at all. I really dont understand much about mics and all so i was wondering what does that box actually do? also i'm glad you liked my music!


Would be very grateful for any help!



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Yes - those would work for you. Thats basically the same thing as what i linked, but i believe MXL uses a lot of different names for their mics, depending on what country and even what big box music store theyre selling them in.


Just dont forget you need an audio interface to get those mics into your computer, and it would be worth it given that you play acoustic guitar, to get one with two inputs. The presonus is still a great suggestion, but you may have to save up a little longer.


For the box, it basically digitizes the audio so it can be processed in the computer, and it also amplifies the signal. Another important thing to remember when getting a box - with the mics you have picked out, you HAVE TO have 48v phantom power. Those mics (or any that would be ideal for your type of music), requirea power source coming into them. If you dont have a phantom power option on you interface (box), the mics just wont work.


hope this helps.

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What often is overlooked when using an USB condensor mic is that (almost) all use 16 bit convertors. You'ld really want 24 bits, as it has a much bigger dynamic range, meaning the miking technique and the levelling is not as critical as with 16 bit convertors, and still you get a more dynamic and lively recording.

A few options here:


combine with this:



Two important features of this interface: 24 bits AND it provides 48 V phantom power you need for the microphone. You could choose any other audio interface with at least those two features.

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