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Help! Logic changing my bus/ playback options!


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Hey people of the logic production realms.


I am having devastating trouble with my logic 8 and 9 projects!!!


Today when entering a project whereby nothing had changed since I last opened it to find;


That all the drums that were previously routed to 'bus 2' were routed to 'bus 3-4'. In fact the only option for busing channels were either bus; 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 etc simultaneously not individually.


On top of this, a once piano channel had somehow become synced with a rouge guitar channel that had been muted with a line through the solo button. So whenever I went to play the piano, all I got was guitar. This existed right up until I moved the piano to a completely new channel, yet the guitar channel remained with its weird line through itself. So does the only option of bus'


I thought this may have been due to some update with logic 8 and leopard, though evidently I cannot forsee any reason for this.


I had just purchased logic 9 as I had recently worked in a studio and used this piece of software. And ironically today was planning to upgrade; so in light of the situation with the track, I thought it would be better to move foreword and see if Logic 9 could handle the issues for the better;


On opening the logic 9 projects I had created previously; some of the audio channels had decided to flake out and do similar mischief -


Only the same bus' options were available i.e 1-2 or 3-4 simultaneously like the problem in logic 8...

The guitar channel, now played drums through output 1 and 2, though the correct guitar in the sample editor.

The bass is non existent, not even in metering through 1 and 2 - though playback is again perfect in the sample editor- where bass actually exists!!


I've upgraded to get the latest updates.. but still to no avail!!!


I'm having a breakdown, as many of these are university course projects and I cant see how to fix the problem!!



Thanking you in advance,


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