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Bug when trying to bounce


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Im using a new function with logic 9, the bounce clip (dont know it exactly in english!) this bounces the clip and inserts it again into the project. I have a few plugins i want to have IN the audio.


check what happens when i do this! It seems to happen when i try to bounce the same file again (because i notice a problem)...


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You mean Bounce In Place, aka BIP?

Are you trying to bounce that whole region?

What plugin are you using?


Looking at it I'ld guess it is something Guitar Amp sim-ish, with an LFO running...? something is pumping up da noizzz!

A few possible solutions:

1. Drag the left side of the region to the right until the silence has gone.

2. Automate either (or all): a) Plugin(s) to Bypass b) Track Volume to -∞ c) Dry/Wet parameter(when present) to Dry during the silent bit.

3. Or use it musically.

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