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Help getting outboard reverb on Vocal HP mix

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Hello all


I have a lexicon 200 going into analog 7&8 on my ensemble and out the analog 7&8 outputs


Aux channel strip has I/O set up with 7&8 in and out

Lexi as an AU plug in

Out going to the HP mix channels 3&4


Mic is going through a pre-73 into analog

line 5 of the ensemble

It's bussed pre-fader to the Lexi aux and the HP mix


I get no effects. I hear the vocal clear as a bell. No input signal is coming in on the lexi.


When I bus the midi bass channel strip to the lexi, and HP mix I see the input and hear the reverb

And when I ping the I/O on the Lexi aux strip I see it on channels 7&8 on the ensemble.


Thanks for any help

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