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Latency Issues... This old chesnut again!


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hey guys,


i know there are many threads on this already, but i'm having issues with latency in just one particular project.


I have 5 midi instruments going (including superior drummer, a major RAM eater) 6 vocal tracks and 4 guitar tracks, using the fabfilter pro-C and pro-Q on most of them.


I'm getting unworkable latency even with the low latency mode on, the I/O buffer size down to 32 and the recording delay maxed out...


running logic pro 9.0,

2.4 GHz macbook on 10.6.5,

and 4gb of ram.

with m-audio fast track pro interface.


any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!


thanks, ollie.

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and the recording delay maxed out...

:shock: :shock: :shock:

Why would this ever be maxed out?...unless you actually measured your recording delay and that's what it called for. It should be set to offset the recording delay (if any) of your system, not used to reduce latency.


Check out the threads below.





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