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logic pro & mpd16 & battery confusion


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hi im using logic pro 8 on a mac and have a mpd16 midi controller pad that i want to use with native instruments battery 3.


i want to understand the best way to set this up.

basically i have pain in wrists from using computer so much, so i want to use other things as much as possible, so would like to use the mpd16 to audition the cells by me quickly hitting the pads, but the thing is, when you load a kit, diff kits have diff numbers of cells and so one chromatic assignment to mpd16 will not work fluidly on all kits.

unless i load up a kit, then change matrix of battery to 16x8 (the finest), but then you have empty cells....and some kits dont start on c1, im looking at a kit now and its first cell is c4.


seems there are these options

1) battery has local midi settings (i havent worked out yet)

2) mpd16 has a utility app i can use to assign midi settings

3) logic (command L) midi learn function


i cant seem to make this work.

ive tried using command L in logic, and it seems to pick up some pads and not others,but i still cant get the pad to audition a cell in battery.


can someone think of the best and easiest set for me?

i dont mind spending a little time setting it all up now.


or should i just go as and when, eg i load up a kit, and then just assign all the cells individually...

i dont know if im missing somethign obvious, but this all seems a bit fidgity and not easy.


would just like to quickly audition the cells using mpd16 and say i like 4 sounds, then be able to asign them cells to 4 pads in a row, and then thats it, i can play and record a drum pattern then.


thanks for any help.



right, so ive programmed the mpd from the mpd utility note by note, from c1 up to number 127, that covers all the cells i think.


it works standalone fine.


in logic, some cells are not working with a single hit of pad, you have to keep your finger holding one pad, and then hit the other pad. why is this? this doesnt make sense. it doesnt happen in standalone mode, is this a bug? this is a major problem, my wrists are hurting more with pressing one pad continuously and hiting others! :?

sorted, the "full level" button on mpd clashes with logic, if you turn it off, then set max 127 hits in battery itself,its ok...

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