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Weird Tool Behavior


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I guess this is a result of the last update. After trashing preferences, I'm still having the same issue. For instance, I've assigned the right mouse button to the Scissors Tool in the Piano Editor. The Command is assigned to the Velocity Tool. When I press Command + Option (which has always equaled right click on my MBP) I get the velocity tool. Also, when I change the Command Key to the Scissors Tool and make a edit, the new note drops either a half or whole step. At other times the Scissors Tool shows a + sign. The behavior is the same in the arrange window...
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If you don't mind editing your post and not use Apple symbols, then I might be able to help. Remember that all those Apple symbols you're using only show up on Mac computers. I'm on a PC so all I see is weird signs. :(


What I can tell you is that you can only have up to 3 tools assigned per area, and none involve pressing two keys:


- Left-click

- Command-click

- Right-click


However pressing additional modifiers can modify the behavior of a given tool. Pressing the Option key while holding the scissors gives you the "Divide Multiple" tool which has a little + sign next to the scissors: http://documentation.apple.com/en/logicpro/usermanual/index.html#chapter=13%26section=22%26tasks=true

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