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Question On Bass-Ducking

Beatz Galore

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....You only need to route the kick to an aux channel via a bus. You don't need to route both the bass and the kick to the same aux channel. If your kick is an audio sample being triggered continually on an audio track, you don't even need to set up a bus.


How do I control that? Through the compressor's gain??




It sounds as if you are doubling the kick drum by outputting both the kick-drum's software instrument/audio channel strip and the aux channel that you are bussing the kick to. You are probably also doing the same for the bass (in effect, doubling the sound) In this case, make sure your aux channel (that is being sent the kick drum only!) is set to no-output.


Follow this guide and it should work. http://www.logicprohelp.com/viewtopic.php?t=29264


In short:

1. Send the kick drum channel at unity gain to a bus of your choosing (say bus 1) (Logic creates an aux channel automatically)

2. Set that aux channel to no-outbut

3. On your bass channel strip, insert the compressor plugin. At the top right under 'sidechain', choose the appropriate bus (bus 1) from step 1. (in the "Sidechain" dropdown menu)

4. Tweak the compressor to your liking. (As a start, to get ducking, lower the threshold fader heaps)

5. Shout Booyah! and put your hands in the air.


HTH, Cheers.



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Hi, has anyone used the "ducker" for this?


I've tried it and I find the instrument I use as a sidechain actually comes through on the channel it's supposed to be ducking, which is non bon at all in my opinion.


Also I don't use compressors for this ,as they change the sound, I use a noise gate with the range set to +


this ducks the sound and doesn't change it


All the best



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