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Count in on playback?


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Yes, but that isn't an option if it is the beginning of a song.

Sure it is.


From bar 1, press the Rewind key command "," (comma) one time and hit play.


FWIW, in the future, it might be a good idea to start the actual music at bar two or three. This allows for your count it and prevents other weirdness. If the Song Start somehow gets moved to before bar 1, Logic can act like a two year old that hasn't had a nap.

Acting up......unexplainable behavior......grief.

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True, but that messes up the flow a bit when using keyboard shortcuts. I have shortcuts that take me to the beginning and play. I would then have to back it up one or two bars.


However, I do like the starting 1 bar in idea. I have experienced what you are talking about, but only with MIDI tracks, not audio.

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sorry to druge up this old post, but just count in before playback is useful and none of the above addresses that properly i.e. the above are workarounds, one should be able to have playback count in prior to a selected region and that includes cycling i.e. if cycle is on and playback count in is also on , then cycling should include the count-in, very useful for a performer to work out a kink in the performance
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I can't find a way to count in at playback either! I need it badly for my external gear that is synced to logic via a MIDI/Sync-interface that automatically does a 1 bar count in (in order to get swing settings right). Since I also have midi note information written in the arrange window in logic the whole thing is constantly 1 bar out of sync when using cycles which is really super frustrating. A one bar count in at playback would solve the whole thing immediately!


Can it be done??



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I know this is about 9 months too late but I needed to do this also.  I simply wanted a measure count-in in playback.  But I wanted the measure numbers to be correct.  I started my music right on measure 1 but I want to start the count-in on measure 0.  So if you grab the little arrow (triangle) in the measure ruler and drag it to the left you can insert negative measures.  Then your starting measure can still be labeled as measure 1 and you have a count-in before it.    It works for my count-in (when not recording).  Hope this helps.

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