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Help with saving on the EXS24!


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Hello! I´m still new to both Mac and Logic, I have created a new set of samples on the EXS24, playing them myself, and after a day of work it sounded really nice. But (after saving it in the sampler) it dosn´t come up in the EXS when I open a new project! It only works in the same project that I had when I sampled...even when I have put it in both the "Sampled Instruments" map and directly on the HD...the manual says nothing...plz help!!! Thanks! seba
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Where are you saving your samples/instrument to?


Normally they should be saved to the following path:


/Users/..../Library/Application Support/Logic/Sampler Instruments


You can crate sub-folders in Sampler Instruments folder (Bass, Drums etc) if you like. Then copy the *.exs file and samples to this folder. They will then show in the EXS24.


Hope this helps...



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