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Record separate midi tracks at the same time


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hi Guys, I do have a newbie question:

First of all, here is my config:

IMAC Leopard 4Gig

Logic 8.02

Apogee duet

M audio Keystation 88



Sometimes, I want to record several tracks at the time. I click on the "R" button on the four tracks, but only one track is in grey (activated). I record and when I stop, all the tracks got a new midi track, but the grey track is the only track with a midi part with its own name. The other ones got the same name as the grey track.

For example, let say I have Track 1, track 2 and track 3.

When I record the three tracks together, with Track one selected (but all 3 ready to record with the red R) I got finally one midi part with the name track1, the other ones have the name "->Track1". I guess it means that the midi part has been recorded only once and has been put on the other tracks.

That's ok, but what I cannot understand is that if I am using a modwheel. The Grey track (selected one) is the only one with the modwheel data recorded. The other ones have only the notes recorded (into the "-> Track 1" part).

I would like the data from modwheel (and others CC#) to be duplicated as well.

Because now I have to copy paste track1 into track 2 and track 3... What a waste of time.


Thanks a lot for your help

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