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Logic+Rewire Issue in Ableton


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Hey Guys,


I'm new here, so thanks for the help.


I have Ableton 8 Suite ReWired into Logic Pro 8. I'm only using 3 Ableton Instruments. They are stereo.


In logic I have 3 stereo channels set up to receive information from ReWire's channel 3/4, 5/6, 7/8. In Ableton, I have set these channels up to correspond with these. I have also created three external midi channels in Logic to control these channels in ableton. I have selected their channel name in the MIDI channel.




In my logic project, I can record arm any (Ableton Rewire) channel and play a midi keyboard with it, and it works great. I actually went through and tracked some parts like this. However, ON PLAYBACK OF ALL THESE TRACKS, it only plays one of the tracks. If I mute the MIDI information in the first ReWire instrument, then the second instrument will work, but not the third.


What causes this? What can I do to fix it.



Thanks so much,



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