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Make staffs of an instrument closer in page view [SOLVED]


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I have a grand piano written in a grand staff, and I´m looking at the score in page view. There´s a great deal of space between each system of staffs, how can I reduce the space between each staff so I can have more systems on each page (to not kill trees, it´s at about 18 pages, hoot damn!)




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Thanks fellas!

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So nice NOT to be needed for a change...










Hey, nice bit of mirror writing there!


BTW, what did you mean by "scroll view"? Did you mean page view?


Couple of other things... did you renumber your bars or have you started your song in bar 0?


Did you know that you can make the first measure show just an 8th note without the additional rests (pickup measure).


You can eliminate the unneeded rests in the RH by choosing a different staff style just for that section where you don't need to show polyphonic voices.

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You must be feeling wonderful! :P hehe


Hehe, thanks! I love using retrogrades, inversions and inverted retrogrades!! Though used a lot in classical music, in popular music, I've never actually heard it being used (or... Well, seen it, since sometimes it's hard to tell if it IS being used in some cases) in my opinion, it's very sophisticated and artistic.


Scroll view... Oh sorry, that's a Finale thing. The view that's not page view... Just one SUPER LONG staff that extends to the right... Standard view I would imagine... BUAHUAHUAHUA!!!


Oh yeah, I did start in bar zero since it starts at the upbeat. And thanks for pointing out that eighth note rest, I just removed it!


If you want, when I actually finish it I could send you a rendering... But it's pretty... Avante-garde (20th century composition class) and to some, possibly very boring. I completely abuse of diminished fifths in this piece, and almost the entire thing is chordic (if that word exists, but you know what I mean)



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