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Switching tracks in arrange via midi control [SOLVED]


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Hello all. I have a Kurzweil K2VX which I am using as a midi controller in Logic. On the K2VX there are 4 buttons (left, right, up, & down) which I would like to use to select tracks in the arrange window. Basically I want these buttons on the K2VX to mirror the function of the arrow keys on my (typing) keyboard.


The Kurzweil is set to send midi out via its buttons and as I press them, Logic registers it is receiving midi input.

I have looked in the controller assignments section of Logic and can see no way to assign a midi command to change the track selections.

I have set the data slider on the K2VX to move the playhead the length of the arrangement which I find very cool. Now I just want to be able to change tracks on the fly while I play. Assigning transport controls like stop, play, and record to buttons on the K2VX would be nice too.


Thank you

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