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Best Audio Interface Logic 9

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Hi All


I know everyone hates this question and I am prepared for the backlash but I am looking for advice on the best budget audio interface to use for Logic Pro 9. I am fairly new to recording and have been building up equipment but cant seem to get a good vocal sound or guitar sound. I have been using an Mbox mini 2 as my audio Interface, I really don't know if this is low qulity or not?


I have so far purchased :


- Mbox mini 2, which I am currently using for guitar and Vocals (using plugins like podfarm and built in amp designer) I am aware this has a max sample rate of 48kHz, is this my issue?


- Pod Studio GX, I bought this but never use it, it has sample rate of up to 96kHz, would it be best to use this for recording my guitar against the mbox.


- Finally I have Miglia Harmony audio http://www.miglia.com/products/audio/harmonyaudio/ which I also never use at all.


Could anyone recommend a good setup for recording Guitar/Bass stright in and also Mic straight in. Below is list of my equipment. do you think maybe my equipment is the issue? I am obviously not expecting it to sound great however I really struggle to hear the vocals at all when recording and get a lot of noise recording guitar. I know it s not the guitar as I use multiple differet high qulity guitar cables and have a good collection of quality guitars.



- Power mac G5 dual Core

- mxl usb.006 mic

- Rode M3 condenser mic

- MBox mini 2

- Miglia Harmony Audio

- Pod Studio GX


If anyone could recomend a good budget Audio interface better than the ones I have I would be much appreciated.





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48K is not your problem. For comparison, the sampling rate of a CD is 44.1K. So we can rule that out.


96K is not going to give you significantly more fidelity than 44.1K or 48K. Maybe a tad, but again, not a significant amount and definitely not worth the tradeoff in performance, disk space usage, etc.


So sampling rate is not your problem.


When talking about noise, you have to be more specific since there are all kinds of noise. There's hiss, hum, and everything in between. If you're getting hissing noise then it's likely that you're not preamping your guitar signal with high-enough gain. But if it's hum then maybe you need to have better grounding. Or maybe it's something else, like, you're selecting plugin settings that are inherently noisy?


So as you can see, it's hard to say what your problem is exactly without actually hearing what you're doing. And to that effect it would be helpful if you could post back with a snippet of an MP3 (either an MP3 attached to the file or a link to a short example) that shows the guitar sound with the noise.

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