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How do I do this with EXS24?


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So I have a project file with a EXS24 synth on.


When the track isn't playing, I hold down a key and it just plays a held note.


When I press play or record and then play, it play constant notes, so there are loads of single notes in the piano roll. I like this but don't know how to create it with other synths.


Might be a basic thing but I don't use synths much.

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I am using a template song someone else has sent me.


And one of the EXS24 tracks does this and I want to know how to re-create it.


To give you an idea, it's like the synth line in Robyn's Dancing On My Own but faster (probably due to the BPM of the song however)

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i'm pretty sure it'd be an arpeggiator...


have a look in the environment and see if there's an arpeggiator set up... although usually if there is it will effect any track of midi that you use, ? unless you've just set it up to effect the one track...


it's pretty hard to help you though as your so vague, be more specific. Do you want to know how to set an arp up, ?


Open Environment - New arpeggiator - New Seq Input - New Fader / Special / Cable switcher


Connect the arp to the cable switcher - connect the cable switcher to the seq input



that's it... now you can turn the arp on and off with the cable switcher, and it will affect any incoming midi on any track.


is that what you wanted or not, ?

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