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EZ Drummer Claustraphobic kit EZX

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Hey guys, with me upgrading to Logic Pro 9 after christmas, i'm looking to also get a new drum plug in, for dance music. I already have a drum plug in for Metal and rock but i'm starting to do some dance music production. I already have expierence working with Toontracks products such as EZ drummer, Drum Kit From Hell EZX, Vintage Rock EZX and Superior Drummer. Now the question is, is this Claustraphobic EZX worth the £40/50 price tag? What good features does it have?



Thanks in advance guys,



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well, i dont have claustrophobic, but i do have ezdrummer and superior drummer and in general love toontracks stuff.


However, i cant recommend diving into ultrabeat highly enough. it has great sounds right off the bat, but i cant say enough about learning how to create your own kits with the synthesis. And if youre getting into dance music, its worth your while to start getting your head around synthesis in general, if you havent already.


And ultrabeat is an excellent gateway into grasping logics other soft synths for creating bass lines, leads and pads.


My recommendation would be hold off on buying another plug, and browse some youtube tuts on ultrabeat. it can be a whole lot of fun and helps get the creative juices going.


Also check out audiotuts.com

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