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Nord Electro 3 - MIDI routing to logic


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Hi there,


I'm new here :) I've been using Logic Pro 8 for a while now and generally understand it well.


I've recently purchased a Nord Electro 3, and am very confused about how I can MIDI-route it to Logic.


Basically, what I want to do is be able to record the hardware sounds, the sounds on the Electro 3, via MIDI instead of audio, that way I can quantize them. The guy at the store I bought the keyboard from said that's impossible since MIDI's just a trigger and I could only use it to play the soft synths on Logic, I can't actually record the Electro's own sounds via Logic.


However I've seen very often (ie in the Funkagenda studio video below) hardware synths being recorded via MIDI, if you look at the video around 1min, that's exactly what I want to do. He's using a Nord Rack and recording a bassline sound from it via MIDI.. how come? Does the Nord Rack allow this while the Electro doesn't?




I'm very confused and would really appreciate some help,





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Ok, install the MIDIDSPORT driver for your OS (if you haven't done so already)...Are you running Leopard or Snow Leopard?


Connect the cables:


Nord Electro Out > MIDISPORT IN

Nord Electro In > MIDISPORT Out


Open Audio MIDI Setup (Applications > Utilities > Audio MIDI Setup) and go to the MIDI tab (or open the MIDI window if you're on Snow Leopard). Click on Test Setup and press some keys on the Nord. you should see/hear something....if you do, all is set to go. (Well, you could also add a virtual device for the Nord like it is explained here...this way you'll get the Nord's name in Logic (the nord) instead of MIDISPORT Port 1 or whatever).


Download the Nord Electro 3's manual. Find out how to set Local Control to "Off" and do it.


Open Logic and create a external instrument track (leave "open library" checked). When the library pane opens, look for the Nord (or MIDISPORT if you didn't create a device for the Nord in AMS) and select the appropriate channel (it must match the MIDI channel set up in the Nord...check the manual if in doubt).


That's about it for the MIDI side (this isn't the only way to do it, btw).


If you set it up like this you'd need to create an audio track to input the Nord's audio output into logic (if you want to record the audio).



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