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ok...stupid question time...how do I change the chord of a loop? Say...I like the loop but it's in C and I need it in Gm. How do I change the chord?


Howdy! So if you wanted to change it from C MAJOR to G MAJOR, it would be a basic PITCH SHIFTER operation.


But you said MINOR. This means one of the notes WITHIN THE RECORDED CHORD (assuming this is an AUDIO TRACK and not a MIDI track) needs to change. Only thing that will do that is Melodyne plug in with the DNA option. This allows you to look at an AUDIO FILE of that C chord as if it was a MIDI type file... you'd just shift the whole chord up a 5th and then "reach into" the chord and pull the 3rd of the scale down a 1/2 step.


This is exactly the job that Melodyne was developed for. At this point I'm not aware of any other software that can do this (up until a year ago) impossible trick.


hope this helps you understand this a bit! - Reinier (the OldSqueezerGuy :D )

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Remember you cannot change a loop's chord from major to minor if it's audio (blue loop), you can only transpose the root up or down.

You'd need a special plugin like Melodyne.

If the loop is midi (green loop) you can double click the loop once you put in the Arrange window, and change all the individual notes in the Piano Roll window.


PS: Reinman beat me to the punch

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