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Change sound?


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i have a question about this...


Lets say i do have a great rythmpattern and love every sound exept the snaredrum. Instead i want to use a snare from lets sat, Drums on Demand...


This is audiofiles and are nice sampled.


Is there any possible way i can imort a loop and have my addicticve drums to trigger just that snara? I mean can get the snare in AD to trigger the snare in drums on demands?

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Sorry for the demix thing. It's a logic term prior to version 9 and I was not in front of Logic. :wink:


Yup, in Logic 8 it was under Region>Split/Demix>Demix by Note Pitch


I knew what you meant but since ChaosX doesn't have his Gear/Software info in his signature it was fair game and a reasonable reply on both our parts. :)

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