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Problem Muting Audio in Movie


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When I'm importing a movie to score in Logic 9.1.3, I choose "extract audio" and it creates a new audio region as the bottom track. However, when I try to mute it, the original audio from the movie still plays... even when I delete the region and the actual audio file from the bin!


It worked fine in Logic 8 and a round-about solution would be to remove the audio from the movie in Quicktime, save it, and re-import it. However, Quicktime 10 requires an upgrade to perform this function and I'm pretty sure this should not be an issue within the latest version of Logic.


Can anyone please tell me how to completely remove the audio from a movie when importing it?

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No need to remove it, just turn the volume all the way down by:


-Going to Settings > Video, and turning the Movie Volume slider all the way to the left.




-Opening the movie window, clicking the speaker button on the lower left corner and turn it all the way down.




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Suggest that you always keep your audio in your QT file in the event that the imported audio gets moved in the arrangement (like they say, sh*t happens). ;) That way you have something to re-align it to.


By design, importing the audio into Logic doesn't remove it from the movie.


So do what Jord said. :mrgreen:

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