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where to save logic 8 before installing 9? [SOLVED]


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just upgraded from leopard to snow leopard, after cloning my mac pro (which contains 18months work done on logic 8) to external bootable drive. I've tested by booting from the external drive after loading snowleopard onto the macpro & everything then runs exactly as it always has done....


Now I want to install logic 9....but I've heard it is prudent to save logic 8 (possibly in a new folder within the Aplications folder on my mac HD??) just incase I have any problems or 3rd party non-compatibility issues with 9.


Is this correct? If so, can I call the new folder Logic 8? (I've read that changing names for logic applications can cause problems...). And WHAT/which files, folders exactly do I save???


Also I've seen a warning on the www that said "when installing 9, don't overwrite 8"!! Is this possible? Avoidable? A common problem? Or just rubbish?


Any help, guidance or hilarious comments at my paranoia most welcomed.


Thanks in advance



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Installing Logic 9 won't overwrite Logic 8. Leave it where it is.




Hi & thanks for reply...so am i correct in now thinking that i will have both 8 & 9 appearing in Applications? (i.e. I can choose whether to open logic 8 or 9)? Will they both appear in my applications folder as logic 8 & logic 9??


Thanks again...

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Just to add, don't rename "Logic Pro" to "Logic Pro 9' or anything else.

The updater "looks" for "Logic Pro".

If you rename it or move it from the Applications folder it won't be able to update.


When you update, your existing version of Logic will be appended with numbers and the version you're updating to will be named "Logic Pro" again.

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