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Migrating Logic and plug-ins to a new user on same computer.

Wave Mekanix

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I've recently decided that it would be beneficial for me to create a new user on my macbook dedicated solely to music, mainly to avoid clutter and not worry about what programs I generally use etc. I could probably troubleshoot myself most issues relatively easy, but I just want to make sure I'm starting the best way so I don't end up a few weeks down the line with a massive project only to find that I'm using AU demos accidentally.


I'm thinking about plugins first, because I remember having issues with this in the past. It appears logic is loading most of my plugins off the bat, with only a handful asking me for registration #s etc. Those aren't a problem so whatever. Should I assume that the plugins that loaded are ready to go? Is there an easy way on Leopard to transfer permissions for apps like logic, and component plugins.


Both user's in question are on the same computer only used by myself. Both have admin permission. but beyond that, I'm not exactly sure the best course of action. Its all a matter of convenience I suppose. I think there is away to duplicate one user completely, but I'd rather not go that route because there is so much going on there, I don't have the knowledge to clear it all up.


I also use an additional DAW that also starts with L (shhhh). So I'm hoping to do the same thing with VSTs.


Any thoughts? Any issues I'm overlooking?

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Aight, so after about an hour of research I've decided to just do a major cleanup of my original user and then use a new user for all my other crap. There's a ton of details to move, but it still sounds like more fun than working out the kinks in a network of audio software unnecessarily.


So, basically problem solved, or avoided rather. Still, any input on related issues, i.e. sharing Logic projects with/without plugs, etc. would be appreciated. Its kind of a topic I'm lacking.

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