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Outputting problem - Mono doesn't work?


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Hello everyone,


I recently got a new intel mac with Logic 9.1.3 on OS 10.6.4 and I'm trying to re-setup my external gear using the I/O plugin but I'm having some problems. It seems I cannot get audio to actually pass through a mono output!!


For example, just as a test, I hooked up headphones to output 8 on my MOTU 2408. If I set the output of my mono vocal channel strip to output 7-8 instead of my main stereo out, and I could hear it out of my headphones! COOL! But if I go under the same options and select output -> mono -> output 8, I dont hear any sound!! On a related note, if I switch to mono output 1, I do hear sound out of my left monitor only. Same with mono 2 (right monitor). But all other mono outputs do not route sound. But if I switch it to stereo, they play sound!


I need mono outputs for hooking up mono external gear. Any idea what's going on? Do I have a preference messed up or something?


Thanks for your help and reply.

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I just ran a test with Protools 9 and it can output mono fine to output 8 on my MOTU 2480, so the problem must be with Logic, right?


To answer you question the audio was recorded via a mic into channel 3 on the MOTU interface. But this occurs if I try to output anything, software instruments or recorded audio.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! Thanks!!


edit: ran another test on a new logic song and it works PERFECTLY! Any idea why the song I want to setup a mono out doesn't work, or better yet how to fix it?

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