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808 kick


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hi everyone im a newbie here just trying to learn a few things i dont already know.


my question is, how do i change the note of the 808. i came from fl studio back ground and im lost so far here with logic .







Allow me to look into my Crystal ball to figure out what you are talking about and what equipment you have ...









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No problem.


It will take a while to get use to Logic.


Whether it is Ultrabeat or the EXS, the 'C' note is usually assigned to the Kick.


So now the question is how are you currently playing the 'C' note?


I missed which midi controller you are using. Also, why is it important to change the kick to another note?


You probably hate to type as much as I do. :wink:

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im not playin the c note thats the thing . i just use what ever kick is assigned to what ever key. i use a m audio axiom 61 key . um just tryin to emulate 808 rythems other hip hop producers use (EX LIL JN, DRUMMA BoY, even kayne on his 808 and heartbreak album)


naw i type alot depends on what i got to say im usually at futureproducers were alot more people know what im talkin bout then here at logic but its cool though

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