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Why is Logic asking me for my serial number? [SOLVED]


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Hey David,


I hope you can help me. I tried to open L9 today and it asked me to enter my serial. I've used Logic since version 4. I've got a key and I am registered. I've been using the upgrade to 9 since it came out, but today it asks me for a serial.


(The prompt tell me to refer to my packaging) I still have all my packaging from 7, 8 and 9, but I don't know where to locate the serial. I thought that's what the key is for.


Please advise.


(I did have the logic board replaced in my MBP. This is the first time I've tried to open Logic since then.)

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That's why I've done the mega-dumb archive procedure: rtf files with all the serials and correct procedure to install my softwares, snapshot of the screen with of the "about this software..." windows, prints of all the above, and on and on...

Make sure you've got all that backed up too...thumb drive even...in case your main drive bites it.

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