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LP8 to LP9 EXS my Sampler instruments not Locating samples


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So basically in lp8 i made a lot of EXS sampler inst's.

Say Kicks,snares,organ etc etc.I Select the files on another internal drive called "Samples" added files saved inst.refreshed exs and...

everything works fine in lp8 exs24 but in lp9 when i put that same .EXS file under user/lib/appsupport/logic/sampler inst's i see the

instrument i choose it and i get the spinning beach ball and have to restart logic?

I thought it would just ask me to "locate files" and then i would go to my "Samples Drive" that has the source files on it and select the files but logic 9 does not ask anything just spinning beachball and i have to forcequit lp9.

in LP8 i have created so many sampler inst's it would take me a month to redo them all?

i reindexed spotlight still same problem?

in exs i chose search all drives,but i do not see it try to search?

Is this a lp9 problem?

is Redmatica EXSmanager my only solution besides creating all new .EXS instruments from scratch?


Any suggestions would be great!


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