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Adjusting, deleting Marker, doesn't self adjust [SOLVED]


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Hi guys.


I've got a bunch of markers.


I adjust marker 2 to the right towards marker 3, making marker 2 longer and 3 shorter. I then decide that I don't need marker 3 anymore, so I select Marker 3 and delete it.


Marker 2 does NOT automatically adjust to the right to fill the gap.


What the heck?


If I do NOT adjust a Marker and delete a Marker, it will adjust (stretch) itself just fine.


Is this a bug that I'm not aware of?


Thanks :)

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To understand the marker behaviors, open the Marker list and look at the length of your markers as you manipulate them. When a marker is created, it is 1 tick long by default. That creates a marker that visually lasts until there's another marker in the list.


When you start manipulating markers, you can give them a specific length, then that length no longer automatically adapts, it is set until you manually change it.

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Ok, I'm still confused...


If I create markers and adjust the length using the Junction tool, the markers no longer self adjust if I delete the marker to it's right?


Very weird. :roll:


Unless I'm nuts I swear that the markers were supposed to self adjust even if I changed their length.


edit- I should be clear, I'm adjusting and deleting the markers in the Global tracks view.

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OK what I mean is that when a marker is 1 tick long, it will not be displayed as a 1 tick long marker, but as a marker that ends where the next marker begins. When you give a specific length to a marker (either manually by entering it in the Marker List or by adjusting its edges graphically in the global marker track), then it cannot be displayed any longer than that length.


I hope I'm making more sense this time...?

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I always give my markers set lengths, and I don't want Logic to automatically adjust them. That way when you use markers to navigate or set locators etc.. you can have markers corresponding to song sections.


Let's say I have a marker for INTRO from 1 1 1 1 to 9 1 1 1.


Then I have another marker for VERSE from 9 1 1 1 to 17 1 1 1


Now I decide to insert a bar of 2/4 between the Intro and the verse. I don't want the intro marker to automatically be lengthened to 8 bars of 4/4 and 1 bar of 2/4, I want my intro marker to stay exactly what it was, 8 bars of 4/4.


AFAIK it's always behaved that way.

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