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Converting ProTools session for work/remix in Logic Studio?


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I have a great opportunity and am doing a spec remix for a large dance music label for the possibility of getting signed. All I have ever used is Logic and Ableton.


I received the parts to remix and what they sent was a ProTools session folder. Within the folder is an Audio Files folder and Fade Files Folder as well as the session file.


There are 2 versions of each audio file, each with the extension .L or .R. I can drag these to Logic and listen to them but the .L files and the .R files SEEM to be identical and not in mono. I can see some read more energy on one side in the Logic channels, and also that files counterpart reads the same. Because of this, I am under the impression that I only need to work with one of each of these L/R audio file pairs.... Am I right?


Before I moved forward I thought I would ask for some experienced advice on this matter. Is there any form of conversion I should do beforehand or any other recommendations anyone may have. Hoping someone is experienced with this... I just want to start off on the right foot.


Thanks for your time & Happy Holidays!

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i have had the same situation with remixes from pt sessions. I think the way it works is, you drag one of the split stereo files in to the arrange window and it automatically imports them as a stereo file if the .L and .R file are in the same folder. probably makes sense to try it with the .L file first.
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