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Filthy electronic remix - 7/8 time


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I've done a remix for singer Susheela Raman. All done in Logic. I modestly think it's quite interesting, :wink: so I thought I'd post it here:


Raise Up, Hit By A Rock remix


I usually make Dubstep (as Hit By A Rock), so this was a step outside my comfort zone. The original was in 7/8 time, and I decided to stick with that. It was a live track, not played to a click, so I did my usual long-winded procedure of cutting everything exactly on every played bar line, then time-stretching each region (with Flex on) to Logic's bar lines. I could then easily change the BPM, and quantize the audio, etc.


Interested in any opinions, negative or positive.


PS. You can download the whole Susheela Raman remix ep free from here, if you like it.



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