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Changing tempo map of beat mapped drums?


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Hello all -


I have a multitrack drum recording where the tempo varies. I have beat mapped the tracks to create a tempo map for the project to follow. However, there are spots in which the tempo changes too much within a bar or 2. I would like to keep it more consistent. I tried just editing the tempo map to bring the tempo back in line, but that just messes up the beat mapping -- the next bar's kick that's supposed to be on the down beat is now playing early.


What's the proper way to do this?


I have read the manual and some online tutorials relating to beat mapping and can't find one where someone is showing how to edit the generated tempo map. I have tried locking to SMPTE, but that didn't help and I'm not sure I fully understand what that does. Is it like tick mode vs sample mode in Pro Tools?


Any help is greatly appreciated!


-- N

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