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Dynamic changes?

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So I record here at home with a Firestudio and my questions to you guys is I have no compressors, eq, limiter, etc. I do all of that by plug ins but I always wondered is it better to set up all the compressors and plug ins and what not before laying down the track or you can do it after without it changing anything?





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If you are asking if the fx should be bypassed while recording, I would go with a YES.


If you are asking to destructively process the vocals, I would say DON'T.


Logic has nice compressors and you can set up combinations of non destructive processing inserts so that you can hear what you will sound like.


I prefer to have the non-destructive inserts actively processing the vocals as I record.

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thanks for the answers guys!


Now I'm still a little confuse.


I have myself the persons Eureka plug into my Firestudio now should I compress and do all my eq in my Eureka (its a hardware) before I lay my track......



And if I decide to plug my mic straight in my firestudio (hardware pre amp) should I put in the track plug ins the compressors and eq before or after.....


And If I don't do it before then does this mean that I'm going to add all those plug ins during my mixing time!


sorry if I'm confusing but thanks a 100 time!



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