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Waves in the 32 bit bridge?

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L2 & 3, Enigma, Mondomod, Doubler2 and -4, Center and various EQ all behaving as good plugins here. Bridge itself not so good, it can and will "unexpectedly quit" so often it becomes expectedly after a while. But there is no connection with specific plugins or -manufacturers though, it behaves as bad for any random set, as far as I have seen so far.
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I can't recommend it, but that's due to the bridge.

I went back to running in 32 bit mode. Lucky that's very easy.


It makes life harder when using large sample libs. But freezing works much more reliable than 64 bit right now.


So even tough the plug ins do work, usability is not so good. I really hate that I can't open more than 1 plug in GUI at a time with bridge.


I will go back to 64 bit, once Waves manages to port their codebase and support 64bit, which they say they working on, but I expect there will quite a few more months before we see any release. Particular the road apple went down - every 64 app or plugin has to be based on cocoa - creates some pain for developers. I guess most of Waves plugins are based on carbon, and therefore they need to be rewritten to a good part.


Overall I start to have some doubts about the 64 bit-ness. Sure the benefits are obvious. But suddenly every app can use so much more ram, which doesn't invite good optimised programming or good app behaviour.


So in the end of the day I sit here with 14gb of ram and suddenly it's full because a couple stupid 64 bit apps just take as much as they can.

The bad thing is that a particular app can't read the users mind (How do I wanna priorities the ram allocation between apps). So their ram allocation can be very selfish.

the same can happen with plugins, once more 64 bit once are around.

(and their is also a difference between porting something to support 64bit, vs designing something so it makes full use of 64bit )



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