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Record midi data in Mainstage?


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Hi. I was wondering if there is any way to record midi data in Mainstage, so you can make real-time automation on a software instrument, without having to play it?


I know you can record software instrument in Loopback, but it seems like it's only able to record it as audio.

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Funny you should ask. I don't think there is any direct way to get MainStage to record midi.


But lately I am successfully using a volume modulated test tone as a control voltage to control the ES2 through the "side chain" modulation routing. I end up with several precise filter sweeps at exact times in a difficult piece of music we're busy playing.


You can use the looper (or Logic) to record this tone while using a fader (or automation) to vary the amplitude. Then play this tone back in a "Playback" channel strip and route it to a separate buss for "side chaining".


The EXS24 sampler, the AutoFilter, and FuzzWah FX also have this side chain input. There may be others. Only one of these sidechains can be used per synth or FX.


Mark R. (Edited later same day to improve understandabilityness.)

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Hi Mark-


Nice tip. Please feel free to show it at the next SLUG meeting!


Thanks Doug, would love to show this to the Seattle group.


There might be a problem though with a side chained ES2 in Mainstage. Once in a while (like once every 3 or 4 days) I get an unusual distortion coming from the ES2 that sounds somewhat like a random speed LFO to pitch modulation.


I can get it to stop by going into the preferences and toggling the I/O safety buffer checkbox (and hitting apply). Sometimes I have to increase (or decrease) the buffer size. And once I couldn't get it to go away until I reassigned the sidechain to a different buss.


Could be quite annoying in live performance. I will test further, might just be my setup or an over worked/partially corrupt song patch.

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