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Cheap temporary software .Any PC reccommendations?

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My son's saving for a Mac,but in the meantime he could use a cheap DAW for practicing and general musical study.

Ultimately he'll be going Logic (and I could give hime Logic5.5,but the only instrument I've got is the EVP88,as far as I can remeber).


Anyone got any suggestions?

Only for short term,hopefully so I was thinking maybe Samplitude?


Unless someone knws a better cheapo option that ain't a billion light years away fromLogics workflow...


He's got my old PC which never worked right from new,but it more or less works.



(How embarrassing).

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i'd stick with 5.5


then, everything he does will aid towards the time he has the mac


with the evp88 and 1080, he's already got a ton of sounds, but i bet there are still some free plugs that can be obtained that will work in 5.5


i s'pose there is always the danger that the workflow of 5.5 could scar him for life , but i guess he can see how things will get easier when he gets logic 9


if not, check out 'reaper'...cheap, cheerful and many folk swear by it

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For 40$ you can get Reaper, which seems to be a fully featured host. I say seems because I never used it myself but only heard good things about it. I've seen some videos also. Loads vst's (and AU's in mac) etc


It's cross platform so if your son prefers it over Logic or if he wants to keep using it together (Reaper gets rewired) when he gets the mac .... Yes He CAN! lol:

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