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Arrange not linking correctly to Piano Roll

Stephen Hare

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Let's say I'm in Arrange. I'm on one software instrument track, and when I click to the Piano Roll, it shows the region for that track. I've got it linked on the Piano Roll.


However, if there are multiple regions on a software track, it will not show any of the regions on that track. It will show the region from the first software track, regardless of whether or not that is the software track selected.


Does anyone understand this problem and know how to resolve it?

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Thank you Scott for writing back.


Here's the thing, if I choose a track which has multiple regions, and they are all selected, Logic defaults to showing the region for the first software instrument track (even if I'm on the third or fourth instrument track).


This strikes me as odd.

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I got it to work. Here's what I did:


- opened piano roll within my arrange screenset

- checked to make sure it "followed" by tracks when I switched them in arrange

- duplicated screenset elsewhere

- removed arrange page and made piano roll the central focus

- switched back to arrange screenset, changed track and checked to see if it followed


Now, bizarrely, I have two piano roll screensets. Both have the link button clicked. One will always go to the first software instrument track if multiple regions are chosen on any software instrument track. The other will stay with the track selected and show the region which related to where the transport is.


I honestly don't know why this is.

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