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Logic X Motif XS8


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I've been doing a lot of reading on various sites about the setup of Logic and the Motif XS8 and It's so much information that it has me kinda confused as to which way to go. I currently use my Motif with Logic 9, recording the Motifs sounds into logic via midi, but now I want to record the motifs sounds into logic using audio this way I no longer need to load up my motif when I want to play certain tracks. My question to you all is which way is best to do this? I've read that I could connect mt motif straight to my MacBookPro via usb, I've also read about Mlan and I've also read about using midi cable (which I currently do) and then using audio cable to do the audio. Can someone suggest to me the best way or maybe the most efficient best sounding way? I am using a digi003 rack as my interface if that helps.


Also if I decide to bounce down a track I created while the track is loaded on my motif do I need to still record the audio in order for me to hear the motif sounds once the motif is no longer turned on?



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