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Logic Pro 9 bad response


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Hello all,


i hope i can describe my problem in english good enough.


My logic responds very slowly since the last days and I don't know why.

When I press play, the bar starts but the sound is delayed and the first note is very quiet, then it gets louder.


It seems like audio and video are out of sync. When i open the piano roll, the played notes and the sound don't match exactly.


The worst thing is: when i record midinotes via midikeyboard, lets say ES2, they play audibly fine, but the notes are recorded delayed. This drives me crazy because i can't record anything.


I don't know where from this problem results.. haven't used logic for two weeks and now this.


Any ideas? I hope some experts can help me.


Software is everything up to date. I deleted all freeware plugins, so only Battery 3 is in the components folder.


Cheers thx in advice

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