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How can I link the stems of two quaver?


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Hey yall! Almost done with this composition I´m working on, but the person who´s going to perform it wants me to fix a few things, one of them being that certain quavers are simply lying on the score separately, and the performer wants me to link the stems of these quavers together. I´ll post a photo! It's on the bottom right corner... How can I link the stems of them quavers? Thanks fellas!



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Just curious about something... you have a sFp on the last 8th note. Seems to me that the note is so short that there wouldn't be time to go "p" after the "sF". Maybe that should be a sFz or just sF for that note?




And it's staccato.


Either massively controlled playing,or very relative interpretation of Allegro moderate tomato.

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